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Maintain an active lifestyle with the many spaces intended for sports and recreation. The Dorm and Sports Complex is the latest addition which boasts top-of-the-line facilities for sports activities such as basketball, swimming, taekwondo, and cheerleading.

In Taft Campus, there are also two basketball courts, a badminton court, and a dance room. At the corner of P. Ocampo and Arellano Streets is where you will find the Benilde Covered Court.

Benilde Blazers, the College’s official athletics team, competes in two major tournaments: the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the Philippine University Games (UNIGAMES).

Win the hearts of our champions.

Sportsmanship in Benilde isn’t confined within the walls of the sports arena. Caring for our athletes includes students grants, program trainings, and development of sports facilities.

As most everything does, the journey of a Benildean student-athlete starts with a dream. Here’s a peek at the athletes’ challenges on their way to being extraordinary in their fields.

“The Athlete” is a film project of Janel Jabla, Joe Caranto, and Gabrielle Flores for the CORPFILM class under the Digital Filmmaking program.

Winning multi-peat is a normal feat in Benilde.

There are many ways to support our Sports Development programs.

Our student-athletes wear customized sports clothing and footwear during tournaments and competitions.

Sports equipment support and help enhance the skills of our student-athletes in training and sporting events.

A well-designed recovery meal program for student-athletes helps sustain their performance and strength to compete at the highest levels.

A program organized by the student-athletes and coaches to encourage our young populace to actively participate in various sports events during summer break.

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De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is committed to building a just and humane society by being at the forefront of innovative education that is accessible to the poor and diversely-gifted learners.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, immensely advances our cause and we make it part of our Mission to instill the value of generosity in our students, associates and other stakeholders.

Benilde is a PCNC-accredited non-profit organization. Donating to a PCNC-accredited non-profit organization entitles the donor tax exemption as prescribed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).