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The chamber that pumps life into our Institution.

The Atrium, inaugurated in 2021, is the latest addition to the state-of-the-art campuses of the College. The open-air building is designed to stimulate out-of-classroom interactions among students, particularly the Frosh.

Plant seeds into the core of our Mission.

Benilde prides itself in delivering Benildean-Lasallian education that is nourished with academic engagements like scholarship grants, professional advancement, faculty development, and research grant.

“It’s not about winning. I think it’s about boosting your self-confidence and showing people that we are really grateful for the opportunity that we are studying in benilde as scholars. As Benildeans, we should always tell ourselves that we are great in what we do and that as long as we work hard for it, we’ll be able to achieve victory.”

Alfred Soriano-Michaeu
Benildean Scholar Alumnus

There are many ways to support our Academic Programs

Benilde Deaf School

The BDS is a high school program under De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. The school was created in order to  provide quality education to Deaf high school students that will make them college-ready and employment-ready and help them develop and strengthen their Deaf identity. It is the first bilingual-bicultural program for the Deaf in the country.

School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (SDEAS)

The SDEAS  promotes equal access to opportunities and addresses the diverse needs of its students and professionals. It develops the students to become leader-advocates who are capable and committed to making positive contributions in their communities, and the nation at large.


Benildean Hope Grant (BHG)

The BHG is offered to youth who belong to special populations (e.g. indigenous peoples, youth-at-risk) and are under the care of Benilde partner cause-oriented organizations.

Center for Faculty Advancement (CFAd)
The Center for Faculty Advancement acts jointly with the Benildean educators to conceptualize, develop, implement, and assess programs towards excellence in the different areas of curriculum, service-learning, and instruction. CFAd offers various training programs for faculty to further their knowledge in learner-centered principles, improve their teaching strategies for an engaging and inclusive learning environment, and foster holistic approach and critical thinking in their curriculum.

Faculty Training and Development

We recognize the role of our faculty members in providing quality education. With this, professional and continuing education through training, workshops, and seminars/webinars are provided for our faculty members. These training activities are geared towards the development of a responsive mode of teaching that accommodates the diverse abilities, needs, and interests of students; and are part of the Benildean-Lasallian teaching and learning mission. 


At the forefront of innovative and inclusive education, the College adapts/makes use of a service-learning framework to specific courses across all its programs. Service-Learning is a teaching method that combines learning outcomes, service, and intentional reflection. It enhances student learning by allowing students to actively interact and engage with the community on creating solutions on real-life problems and issues.

Benilde offers its facilities and the expertise of its faculty to industries and government. It will undertake significant and relevant projects, provide training and published achieved project and endeavor.

Conducted for the purpose of major benefaction that lends prestige and honor to a Donor by placing their name on an identified facility or professorial chair/academic program that is suitable for it. Honoring institutions and individuals that have contributed greatly to the welfare and well-being of the College is recognizing the legacy that they have imparted to the institution that they chose to partner with for life.

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Accessible education is within your reach.

Benilde makes Lasallian education more accessible to the youth through a variety of scholarships, grants and financial assistance programs.

“I was determined to achieve my goals. I wanted to continue school and finish my studies to achieve my dream in order to support my family. When I came here in Benilde, it opened my eyes. The things that I have learned, I took them to heart and these made me feel confident and empowered.”

Anaditha Angcay
Benildean Scholar Alumnus

How you can support our cause.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is committed to building a just and humane society by being at the forefront of innovative education that is accessible to the poor and diversely-gifted learners.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, immensely advances our cause and we make it part of our Mission to instill the value of generosity in our students, associates and other stakeholders.

Benilde is a PCNC-accredited non-profit organization. Donations to a PCNC-accredited non-profit organization entitles the donor tax exemption as prescribed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).