Be part of the story

Lay a brick in the cathedral that we are building.

Any form of help that you can give supports our Mission of creating a just and humane society by being at the forefront of innovative education that is accessible to the poor and diversely-gifted learners.

In Benilde, the collaborative environment and relationships help in generating support for the College’s key constituents, including alumni and members of the Community, socio-civic institutions, the industry and philanthropic entities of all types.

Plant seeds into the core of our Mission.

Benilde prides itself in delivering Benildean-Lasallian education that is nourished with academic engagements like scholarship grants, professional advancement, faculty development, and research grant.

Sometimes, it only takes a spark to make a change.

Whether in exhibits, performances, or even public spaces, thought-provoking works and performances are a common experience in Benilde.

Win the hearts of our champions.

Sportsmanship in Benilde isn’t confined within the walls of the sports arena. Caring for our athletes includes students grants, program trainings, and development of sports facilities.

Catapult new ideas that change the lives of people.

Innovation for inclusion is the backbone of Benilde’s existence. Find out how you can take part in our noteworthy special projects.

Benilde Alumni Portal

A space for Benilde Alumni and the current Benildean Community to connect and coordinate with one another through innovative activities, projects and events. Always one step ahead, we take on the extra mile in brandishing Benildean excellence outside the halls of the College.

How you can support our cause.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is committed to building a just and humane society by being at the forefront of innovative education that is accessible to the poor and diversely-gifted learners.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, immensely advances our cause and we make it part of our Mission to instill the value of generosity in our students, associates and other stakeholders.

Benilde is a PCNC-accredited non-profit organization. Donating to a PCNC-accredited non-profit organization entitles the donor tax exemption as prescribed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).