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“Alon!” the Benilde exhibit features surfers from six surfing camps located all over the country, holding in their hands the scourge of our beaches, rivers, and oceans – plastic. Distributed everywhere as product packaging, it is non-biodegradable, kills fish and marine animals, chokes and pollutes our waters, all in the name of convenience.

Catapult new ideas that improve the lives of the people.

Innovation for inclusion is the backbone of Benilde’s existence. Find out how you can take part in our noteworthy special projects.

Winner of the 2020 Best Film for Science & Education at the London International Film Festival, it was also nominated Best Foreign Language Documentary and Best Director for Foreign Language Documentary. The film is an exploration of the various ways of mitigating the catastrophic effects of marine plastic waste as seen from the perspective of different surfing communities in the Philippines.

Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Gabriel Fernandez, the film was part of Benilde’s “ALON!” exhibit by the Center for Campus Art, curated by Ar Gerry Torres.

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Green FunRacers is Benilde’s sports+environment hike/bike fund- and friends-raising project to raise funds for the College’s advancement programs. The event, already on its fourth iteration, has provided support for various beneficiary groups.

Part of the celebration of La Salle’s Tercentenary, the Tercentenary Grand Raffle was held to raise funds in an exciting way by raffling off prizes that promote care for the environment. Proceeds for the grand raffle went to the development of the La Salle Botanical Gardens.

In recognition of Benildean extraordinary alumni, the Benilde Alumni Technopreneurs or BEAT Awards turns the spotlight on upcoming businesses from our most recent graduates, acknowledging their potential for growth and future success.

The Benilde Prize HomebrewED is the social innovation startup incubation program for the students of Benilde. The cycle for new batches begins with a Design Thinking bootcamp, dubbed Thinkathon, that aims to equip a multidisciplinary team of students with the tools to help them understand the challenges to achieving the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and empowering them to create innovative ideas and solutions.

There are many ways to support our programs for Innovation for Inclusion.

SBJHI offers trainings and certificate courses for Persons with Disabilities to become Economically and Financially Independent. The unit’s mission is to capacitate persons with disability (PWDs) and their families to become productive contributors to the growth and development of the country through skills and behavioral trainings designed for the empowerment of life.

CIE’s mandate is to make Benilde an inclusive place for students. We do this by working with associates, parents, community partners, and other stakeholders to ensure that we reduce the barriers (i.e. governance, academic, and social) that may be experienced within our campus and community. Our primary directive is providing support services to students with specific education needs and other physical and sensorial disabilities in the areas of learning and socialization. We work with academic administrators and faculty to ensure that we are able to provide reasonable accommodations to our students to bring them from application to graduation and assist as well in their placement and employment. CIE works at building an awareness of, and sensitivity towards, diverse individuals in our community and creating and sustaining partnerships related to inclusive education.

BDS is a model secondary deaf education institute that provides quality education and better learning access among students in order to produce well-grounded and holistic DEAF graduate capable of lifelong learning, attain quality leadership skills thus improve individual well-being, and influence the younger DEAF generation to pursue honor and excellence in the society.

HIFI provides an environment for Benilde students, associates, alumni, and its partners to fully understand, cultivate, and nurture their inclusive and innovative ideas. Highlighting the importance of readiness, HIFI offers mentorship and training programs for inclusive innovators to turn their promising ideas into sustainable ventures. And with its partners from various industries, HIFI prepares these ventures for launch and other growth opportunities beyond the College. As a member of the La Salle system, HIFI also opens its doors to students, associates, and alumni of all La Salle schools locally and internationally.

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How you can support our cause.

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde is committed to building a just and humane society by being at the forefront of innovative education that is accessible to the poor and diversely-gifted learners.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, immensely advances our cause and we make it part of our Mission to instill the value of generosity in our students, associates and other stakeholders.

Benilde is a PCNC-accredited non-profit organization. Donating to a PCNC-accredited non-profit organization entitles the donor tax exemption as prescribed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).