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Benilde’s Center for Campus Art launched “The 2018 CCP Thirteen Artists Awards at Benilde,” a partnership between Benilde and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). A pioneering project between the two institutions, it allows for the first time the exhibition of the Thirteen Artists Awards outside of the CCP. Zeus Bascon’s “Guardians (Dead Masks)” which features lines of masks in the form of a snake, is at the SDA’s 5th floor; Rasel Trinidad aka Doktor Karayom’s “Hindi Totoo (Not True),” a mural about the creatures of Filipino mythology is in the campus’s 3rd to 5th floor stairwell; and Archie Oclos’s “Bakwit” runs along the campus’s exterior wall.

Sometimes, it only takes a spark to make a change. 

Whether in exhibits, performances, or even public spaces, thought-provoking works and performances are a common experience in Benilde.

MCAD’s exhibition, Haegue Yang: The Cone of Concern is the first solo exhibition in the Philippines of celebrated Korean artist Haegue Yang (b. 1971, Seoul, South Korea), who lives and works between the cities of Seoul and Berlin since the mid-nineties. One of the most widely shown artists of her generation in the world today, Haegue is known for producing a form of conceptual language and an aesthetic vocabulary that is uniquely interwoven.
The life and work of National Artists for Film Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal are featured in this exhibit by the Center for Campus Art. ‘Brocka, Bernal and the City’ examines the films of the two contemporaries through their use of Manila as a milieu and character that weighs down on the lives of its inhabitants. In Brocka’s Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag, 1975 and Bernal’s City After Dark, 1980 the city is presented as an oppressive force that contributes to the tragic fate of the characters, consequently turning the films into critiques of the urban experience of that time. Important movies of the two auteurs will be shown inside the gallery during the run of the show.
The exhibition “What Lies Within: The Centre of the Centre” explores spaces that seem unknowable: speculative and alluring spaces that summon nature, science, and the human psyche. Constructed through contemporary installations of works that question notions of perception, intuition, and empirical knowledge, What Lies Within: Center of the Center, encapsulate the unique practices of the four artists included in the exhibition: Mel O’Callaghan (Australia), Laurent Grasso (France), Suzanne Treister (United Kingdom) and Pamela Rosenkranz (Switzerland). With works that encompass all manner of inquiry and examination of contemporary life, the exhibition confronts visitors with propositions, offering not answers, but visceral presentations of probabilities and truths about the contemporary world.

There are many ways to support our Culture & Arts programs.

A yearly conference responsive to, and reflective of, the currents of global contemporary art and culture and the discourses that surround it.

The museum plans to be a foundational base to support postgraduate research (at MA or PhD level) in the history and production of local, Filipino design and material culture.

The museum’s aim is to establish an in-house publishing arm and specialize in producing monographs of contemporary Filipino artists.

Running biannually for both Filipino and International artists, the Residencies will aim to nurture and develop the work of mid-career artists by providing a space for the exploration of new work/ideas and/or progression of a current work.

To support the continued integration and development of Culture and Arts in Benilde and, a mentoring program will run as a conduit for professional artists or designers from local, regional or international fields to work directly with exceptional Benilde students or alumni.

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